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President, COO
Foundation Film Group

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Monica is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of Foundation Film Group, LLC. She has worked in film, music videos, and television commercials. She is an accomplished screenwriter and was a finalist and third place winner of the 2004 Cinescape Genre Literary Competition.

Recently, Monica was the screenwriter and producer of a film titled Death Clique. The completed film was acquired by Maverick Entertainment in early 2005 and released nationwide on DVD in 2006.  Monica has been hired on numerous projects to doctor screenplays including Black Phoenix with Producer David J. Bowdre.  Monica has been hired to adapt novels into screenplays the most recent being “Singing the Song of Life” by Debra Beryle. Monica recently co-directed a documentary titled They Call Me the Rookie and was a producer on the feature length film, Blood River.

Monica produced the music video for Jars of Clay titled “Work” in August of 2006.  In 2007, it was nominated and won the Dove Award by the Gospel Music Association for Best Short Form Music Video of the Year.