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Broken Road Productions, founded in the summer of 2005, is headed by Todd Garner, former head of production at Disney and a founding partner and head of production at Revolution Studios. Garner is a veteran producer and Hollywood creative executive with a unique gift for creating and nurturing mainstream, commercial motion pictures and television. In various capacities throughout his career, Garner has developed, overseen, executive produced or produced well over 100 movies, many of them major hits for their respective studios.

Over the last two years the company has seen the release of four films (THE FOG, ZOOM, ARE WE DONE YET?, NEXT). Currently the company is in production on MALL COP starring Kevin James for Sony. Additionally, Broken Road begins production on WITCHITA for Fox this summer starring Ashton Kutcher and this falls goes into production on SORCERER’S APPRENTICE for Disney starring Nic Cage, to be directed by John Turtletaub and produced along with Jerry Bruckheimer. The company is prepping JACK AND JILL at Columbia to star Adam Sandler, BASSMASTER at Lionsgate to star Tim Allen, ONE OF THE GUYS at Fox to star Sandi Bullock, AMIGOS at Disney to star Tim Allen and George Lopez, IRON JACK to star Sascha Baron Cohen, and SOMEONE STOLE MY WEED to star Ice Cube and David Spade among many others.
The company has expanded into television and has sold 10 television projects over the last two years.