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Pitching Tips

1. Glossary of Screenwriting Terms
a. Greenlight – A term used to describe when a studio executive confirms a script for production.
b. Logline – A short – one to two line – description of a film often used to pitch to producers when time is short.
c. Option – An agreement between a screenwriter and a producer or studio where the rights to develop the story into a film are granted to the producer or studio for a defined period of time.
d. Script Doctor – A person hired (usually by a producer) to enhance an existing script for various reasons. For example, a script doctor might be hired to “punch up” dialogue with some more humor.
e. Synopsis – An overview of the entire storyline and plot describing the major developments of a story with some detail.
f. Treatment – A written version of a pitch. It is usually at least one page long and contains information about the script’s plot, subplots, characters and synopsis.