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Here are excerpts from our Cool Conversations interviews.  Check out what some of our amazing partners have to say about MovieHatch and about Pitching.  A few give you their top Pitching Do's and Don'ts.  More coming soon...

Pitching Tips videos

Tim Harms On MovieHatch

Interview with:Tim Harms
Company:Contemptible Ent. & 72nd St Productions
Other Info:Tim worked with Neil Labute (Contemptible Ent) on The Shape of Things and on Bill Condons Kinsey

Joe Haidar On MovieHatch

Interview with:Joe Haidar
Other Info:Joe worked at Disney for 14 years on such classics as Who Framed Roger Rabbit-Aladdin-Beauty and the Beast-Alvin & The Chipmunks

David Boxerbaum On MovieHatch

Interview with:David Boxerbaum
Role:Talent Agent
Other Info:David literally started in the mail room and rapidly worked his way up to become one of Hollywood Reporters 30 Under 30 to Watch

Trevor Engelson On MovieHatch

Interview with:Trevor Engelson
Company:Underground Films
Other Info:Trevor co-produced License to Wed with Robin Williams/Mandy Moore and All About Steve with Sandra Bullock

Meghann Collins On MovieHatch

Interview with:Meghann Collins