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About MovieHatch throws open the doors to "the biz" and makes it possible for anyone to get in. Pitch your movie or TV show idea and let the masses give you thumbs up or down. At MovieHatch, the public decides what they want to see.

MovieHatch is an entertainment company that brings a public voice to Hollywood by allowing movie fans to help decide which films are being produced.  MovieHatch showcases new and emerging talent via online competitions, film communities, events and social networking platforms.  Partners include the industry professionals behind X-Men, Gladiator, Legally Blonde, Anger Management, Final Destination, (500) Days of Summer, Meet the Fockers and many more.

This online competition is a huge opportunity for hot new talent. But it's also a chance for you, the audience and public producer, to have your voice heard. Think of all the times you've been at the movies when a trailer comes up and you think, "Why bother," or "Oh, I can't wait!" Well, now you can decide what to see before it even gets made. There's never been an opportunity like this before — you are officially a "Public Producer". And once you've helped narrow down the options, a panel of industry people will judge the final selections and pick a favorite.

If you have an idea rattling around in your head, now's the time to hatch it. And there's no better place than right here, right now.