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About the Competition

Moviehatch hosts competitions in which new or experienced filmmakers and screenwriters pitch their film or TV script by submitting a feature length script, video pitch/still image, logline and synopsis.

Three rounds of evaluation take place: the first with the professionals at MovieHatch who evaluate your screenplay for possible qualification in the online competition.  The second round makes use of video trailers/images and is presented to the general public who will rank their top ten favorites.  The final round is with a panel of prominent industry professionals ALL of whom evaluate the scripts that accompany the audience's top ten favorite pitches. 

MovieHatch also has the opportunity to select an additional 15 scripts/pitches to share with a few of the industry judges.


A minimum of 10 screenplays (with a maximum of 25) will be read by over 20 of Hollywood's most prestigious players.  Each one provides a written evaluation on each script which includes input on originality, plot, structure, character development, commercial potential and more. 

All ten finalists will receive this feedback - an unprecedented opportunity!

Check out the amazing new prizes and awards this year:

  1. Top 10 Finalists will be awarded TWO 30-minute calls/meetings with MovieHatch judges

  2. Top Finalists receive written evaluations from 20+ Hollywood insiders (partners/judges)

  3. One participant receives free admission to the Screenplay Bootcamp ($1,500 value)

  4. Seven finalists receive the latest downloadable version of Final Draft software

  5. Consideration for development/production by MovieHatch and its partners/judges

Terms and conditions apply to each award.  See full Terms and Conditions for details.

The final selections will have a chance to be put into development or production (see our Partners page for some of the current potential production companies). If the film is produced, the filmmaker/screenwriter will receive a film credit, will be compensated according to industry standards and will have a chance to remain involved during the entire production process.


Here's how it works:

  1. Filmmakers/screenwriters send their full length script to Moviehatch. 

  2. There is a $60 fee for each submission. The fee increases for our extended deadlines.

  1. MovieHatch professionals complete written evaluations of the screenplay to determine which ones qualify for the online competition.

  2. Filmmakers/screenwriters that qualify for the online competition must then enter a visual element - either a video trailer or still image for posting on the MovieHatch web site. Deadline for visual entries is 1 week prior to the commencement date of the online competition as announced on the site.

  3. Visitors to the site become "Public Producers" by rating the pitches (it's free to do so). They can vote on as many pitches as they want but only one vote per pitch. There is a five start system for voting...

    1. 1) Wouldn't pay to see it.
    2. 2) Only if nothing else is on.
    3. 3) Yeah OK. I'd watch it.
    4. 4) Ooh. Aaah.
    5. 5) Absolutely amazing!

  4. The votes are weighted via algorithms to ensure a fair and just system with accurate results.

  5. The top 10 selections - as decided by the Public Producers and MovieHatch - have their scripts read by ALL the professional judges to determine commercial viability, amount of development work needed, writing style and other production considerations. The selection with a majority favorable opinion by the judging committee will have a chance to be put into development or production.

  6. For films that are put into production, the filmmaker/screenwriter will be compensated according to industry standards (WGA guidelines) and will receive a credit on the final film. They can also be involved in the full production process according to the terms outlined in a final Production Agreement. They must agree to these terms in order to be actively involved in the production.

  7. Visitors to the site will be welcomed to participate in numerous online giveaways during and after the feature film competition. In order to receive the giveaway prizes, they must register with valid email and contact information and be over the age of 14.

The complete terms and conditions of the feature film competition can be found on the entry form or on the Terms & Conditions page. 

Enter the Competition:


Screenplay/script submissions must be sent by people over the age of 14 and must be accompanied by a logline and synopsis.  Both electronic versions (PDF format only) and hard copy versions (one copy only) must be submitted.  Entrants must agree to all terms and conditions, releases and ownership clauses.