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Technical Requirements

The following are the requirements for evaluation, as well as for each phase of our competition.


Completed Screenplay/Script:

     Electronic Copy of script:  Submitted via


     Screenplay :   Length 90 -140 pages in PDF format only

     TV Script :      Length 50 -120 pages in PDF format only

Supporting Information:

     Basics:   Name, email etc.

     Logline : 150 characters max - including spaces

     Synopsis : 2,000 character max - including spaces


If you qualify for entry, we will require the following in addition to that above written requirements:

Visual Pitch - one of the following

     Video Trailer - this is the equivalent of what you might see in the movie theater prior to the featured screening.  It can be a traditional trailer with cuts from various parts of the script, or a single scene from the script, or a talking head (possibly you) simply pitching the idea.  You will still need to submit a still image to use as the thumbnail for your video (see below).

          Length:  3 minutes max

          Format:  Any format accepted but .mov and .avi strongly recommended:

          File Size:  100 MB max

          Ratio:  16:9 preferred but 3:4 also accepted

     Still Image - this is the equivalent of what you see as a billboard on the walls of the theaters - a one-sheet - which depicts the mood, atmosphere or tone of the script or that illustrates the key characters.

          Format:  JPG only

          Dimensions: This is up to you but our visual area is set up for 16:9 videos, so horizontally oriented images are generally the ones that make the best use of the space.