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Rules for Project Manager Forum

MovieHatch CrowdFunding

 b (the “Site”) is owned by Temme III LLC (“MovieHatch”).


Creating a project and posting it on the MovieHatch site:

These Rules are an agreement between you and MovieHatch for use of the project funding forum on the Site. Please read it carefully as it is binding on you and is a binding agreement between MovieHatch and you.  By using this forum and/or posting a project you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and agree to abide by these Rules and our Terms of Use ('collectively, our "Agreement") which are subject to change without notice. All such changes in the Rules will be effective from the Effective Date stated above.


The Project Manager Forum allows you, “Project Manager” to create and post a project “Project” to its site for the purpose of sharing information, meeting and collaborating with other members and receiving funding contributions from other registered users.


MovieHatch is not liable for any of your dealings with individuals or organizations on the site. MovieHatch is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred as a result of such interactions. All interactions are solely between you and such individuals and/or entities. MovieHatch is under no obligation to become involved in disputes or disagreements between Project Managers, financial supporters, site members or any other third party. In the event of a dispute with any third party, you release MovieHatch, its officers, agents, employees and successors from claims, damages and demands of any kind, known or unknown, disclosed or undisclosed, arising out of or in any way related to such disputes.


It is a breach of these Rules to include any false or misleading information in your Project Manager profile or follow-up responsibilities, in your Project profile, or with any communications with members providing contributions -financial or otherwise -to your Project.


The following are the requirements for creating and posting a Project in the Project Manager Forum.


Number 1.

The 1st step in creating a fundraising project using the MovieHatch Service is to register on the Site -create your personal profile by clicking on the registration link and filling in the required contact details.


Number 2.

The next step is to create a Project profile - once logged into the Site, you will need to create and submit a funding Project. You will need to include the following information: funding goal (amount you seek to receive for your Project), deadline date (1–60 days), project title, genre, medium (film, TV, web etc.), logline, synopsis, pitch, team member bios and photographs, list of acceptable funding support amounts and non-monetary thank you rewards. You are permitted to offer non-monetary rewards for the financial support of your Project, provided that this offering is lawful under all applicable laws, including state and federal securities laws, and complies with the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use of the Site and these Rules.


Number 3.

In order to receive the funding support/contributions, you will be required to designate a legal PayPal account into which the funds will be directed. Upon supplying the name of that entity, you represent and warrant that you are an authorized representative of the Project with the authority to enter into the terms of this Agreement, and the responsibility and accountability for the use of any funds received for the Project. You understand that MovieHatch shall have no liability for your funding account with PayPal or your transactions or interactions with this processor.


Number 4.

All financial contributions made to a Project will be monitored and coordinated by MovieHatch and processed by PayPal.  Upon each financial contribution, you will immediately receive 92% of the amount, after PayPal processing fees are removed. Upon completion of the deadline date set, all financial support/contributions made to a Project will be calculated. The total project contributions, less third-party processing fees, MovieHatch commissions (stated below), and amounts already distributed to your account will be disbursed to the project  funding account as specified in the submission process. MovieHatch is not responsible for any error or omission in the funding account information you provide.


Number 5.

Upon your Project deadline date, funding support/contributions will automatically close and no more funding will be accepted for your Project. You may submit a new project at any time. If you reach your Project campaign goal by your project deadline date, MovieHatch will receive a 4% commission on all funds received during the project campaign period. If your project campaign goal reaches a 50% - 99% achievement by your Project deadline date, MovieHatch will receive a 6% commission on all funds received during the project campaign period. If your Project campaign goal reaches less than 50% achievement by your Project deadline date, MovieHatch will receive an 8% commission on all funds received during the Project campaign period. It takes approximately 5 business days from the end of your Project campaign deadline date for any remaining funds that were contributed to be transferred to your account.


Number 6.

MovieHatch reserves the right to verify the identity of you, the Project, the use of funds, and the timeline of the Project. You, and all team members, agree that project funding received from the use of the MovieHatch Project Manager Forum Services may only be used on behalf of the Project, and that any such funds received will not be used for any other purpose. If the Project funds have not been used solely on behalf of the Project, you will be required to promptly refund the entire amount of Project funds back to the original contributors.


Number 7.

MovieHatch provides the opportunity for any registered member to contribute to any Project in any amount they choose. It is the sole responsibility of the member to choose whether or not to contribute to a Project. In contributing any financial support to a Project, you understand that you do not have any rights in or to that Project, including any ownership, control, creative input, or distribution rights. The Project Manager for each Project shall be free to accept and enter into any contract for the Project in its sole discretion. MovieHatch does not guarantee that a Project’s goal amount will be met, the outcome of any Project, nor do they guarantee the complete accuracy of any Project information provided by the Project Manager. MovieHatch does not warrant the use of any Project funds and is not responsible for the any financial transactions, including any information given to the third-party processor.


Number 8.

Financial contributions to Projects are nonrefundable. MovieHatch is under no obligation to seek the refund of project financial support if the Project Manager misrepresents the project or misuses the funds received. You knowledge and agree that as a financial contributor, all financial support is between you and the Project Manager  and that MovieHatch is not responsible for the financial transactions.  All tax responsibilities are to be handled by the Project Manager and Financial Contributor.


Number 9.

All Project Managers and financial contributors shall have full responsibility for applicable taxes, tax deductions, compliance with applicable labor and employment requirements, as required by any federal and local state or city requirements. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold MovieHatch harmless from any liability for any claims or penalties with respect to such withholding taxes, tax deductions, labor or employment requirements by relevant authorities with respect to any project funds received through the MovieHatch Project Manager Service and paid to you.