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MovieHatch Tips and Advice Program


See our full set of terms and rules.

Types of projects:

MovieHatch accepts projects related to film, TV, video, music video, web series, documentary, animation, short films or any other form of moving picture.


Movie allows and encourages project managers to offer forms of “thank you” for any financial support or contribution. This can come in the form of literal thank you notes or tweets, to copies of the project, and creative and unique rewards or experiences. Movie hatch strictly prohibits the offering or solicitation of financial incentives -whether that be monetary, equity ownership or loans.

Unacceptable projects: does not accept projects that are obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, hateful or of objectionable content. MovieHatch also doesn't accept projects that include raising funds for nonprofits, social causes, charitable organizations, whether it just be awareness of them or direct financial support of them. MovieHatch only accepts material that has complete ownership clearance. This means no copyrighted content without permission.


Movie hatch has great respect for filmmakers and the film community. We expect you to have the same respect and refrain from abuse or harassment in commenting, promoting or supporting a project. And please, don’t spam!