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MovieHatch Tips and Advice Program


When creating your pitch and your rewards, keep in mind the things your potential financial supporters want to know:


Your credentials


Your passion


Why” this project


Your trustworthiness


Where specifically the money goes. Be clear and provide details.


Your timeframe for completing the project


Your contingency plan if the goal is not met


Future plans


How you will recognize them –rewards


When you plan to recognize them - delivery of rewards


Updates to the project. We recommend at least a weekly update even if it's a simple one.



Remember, if you don't follow through and deliver as much as possible, it hurts us all – MovieHatch and your fellow filmmakers in the industry. If you leave a bad taste in someone's mouth, it has a ripple effect. So be honest and straightforward about why you want the money, why you deserve it and how you plan to use it. Everyone will reward you for that!