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These are the people who competed to have their face on our billboard in Times Square.

Name: Tunji

About Me:

Actor/Producer, Writer/Director, Composer

Why I Should Win:

Because I have something to offer.

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I'm an actor/screenwriter, singer/songwriter, dancer/choreographer with a passion for entertainment who is just trying to make my dream come true.


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My name is Katrina and I am a mother of 3 girls that I love very much. Due to my children I put my dreams on hold but I know I can do this.


Actor/Producer, Writer/Director, Composer


I am a professor, PhD a CPA, an actor and a singer. I write plays and scholarly papers and I am looking to get my message out there. This competition


independent writer + editor + director


I'm a husband and father of six. I'm 41 yrs old. I'm a professional truck driver. I'm usually pretty insecure about myself. Trying to change that.


artistic,creative and talented

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