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These are the people who competed to have their face on our billboard in Times Square.

Name: Karen

About Me:

I am an aspiring actress/singer/guitarist. I enjoy being a free spirit and that’s what I love most about performing… it enables me to express myself

Why I Should Win:

As a child growing up in the ghettoes of Queens, NY I always looked around and saw poverty and depression. There were cracks in the streets and cracks in the beats of the raps I would hear on street corners. There were cracks in the hearts and souls of everyone around me. Many of my friends, myself included, were told that we would not amount to anything and that we should not even try. We were told that once you're in, you never get out... and sadly many of my friends took hold of this information and it consumed them like a deadly disease. This disease has since been past on to the next generation and I fear it will only lead to a vicious cycle that leads to more holes in the souls of people in the ghetto. I would like to win this contest because I would like to show the kids in my old neighborhood and kids in neighborhoods like mine, that life doesn't have to end in the ghetto. I would like to be a mending force to patch up the proverbial holes. So please vote for me.

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