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These are the people who competed to have their face on our billboard in Times Square.

Name: Sarah

About Me:

i like silly people, manners, building forts in my apartment, dancing & singing in cars, writing, my skateboard, random adventures, the art of convers

Why I Should Win:

Why should I win? Well, first of all.. because it's nice to win things. It makes you feel like a winner.. and not like a BIG loser.. and who wants to ever feel like a BIG loser? I don't. That's no fun. I also love the art of making movies. Movies make me happy.. and who doesn't like to feel happy? Crazy people don't like to feel happy, I guess.. but that's just crazy. I love writing films and I would love the chance to make great films with talented people. Not crap films with lame people. Who wants to make crap films with lame people? I guess crazy losers who don't like to be happy, but would rather exist in Crapland, do. Movies have the power to change lives.. impact people who otherwise, as my Mom likes to so charmingly say, might be "dead inside." That's pretty amazing to me.. to, in some sort of small but beautiful way, have the ability to affect someone. I'd like to do that with writing that hopefully doesn't suck as much as my "reasons for why I should win" have.

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