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These are the people who competed to have their face on our billboard in Times Square.

Name: Mario

About Me:

I am a 20 year veteran Police Officer in Southern California. I am a 44 year old Latino. I balance my career with a 12 year marriage. A marriage that

Why I Should Win:

I do my best to remain in top physical condition which assists me in dealing with the stresses of a tough job, raising young children and attempting a new adventure into the world of acting. I am 44 years old with the heart of a lion. In all sincerity I am what twenty year olds hope to resemble when they are my age and what fifty and sixty year olds look to when they think "thats what I looked like when I was younger" My apologies for what may seem like cockiness or conceit but I work hard to stay in shape, be a good Police Officer, husband, father, friend and mentor. My face on a Times Square Billboard will apeal to young and old, will appeal to males and females and represents the average american.

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