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Normal Again by Matthew Biggin

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Filmmaker:Matthew Biggin

Genre : Thriller

Writer:Matthew Biggin

A man is forced to question reality when he awakens from a coma to find that the life he had built is all in his head.


Jack Melrose wakes in a hospital room. It is unfamiliar. A doctor (Dr. Campbell) approaches his bedside and informs him he is being treated in a psychiatric hospital where he has been for one year, following a car accident in which his girlfriend Natalie died.

Jack is confused and requests to see his wife Victoria, only to be told she doesn't exist. In fact, that she never existed. Dr. Campbell informs him that whilst he was in a coma he constructed an artificial life in which he was married to a woman named Victoria. He is told that he has been slipping in and out of this coma intermittently over the past year and each time he awakens he can remember nothing.

Jack tries to cope with this, whilst at the same time drifting in and out of both realities. He visits a psychiatrist (Dr. Lahey), who informs him that Dr Campbell is actually a delusion. He is also visited by a mysterious man named David, who may have a hidden agenda.

As Jacks mental state begins to deteriorate he finds it increasingly difficult to determine which reality is genuine. This is further complicated by the return of Natalie, the girlfriend he thought had died.

As Jack strives to become normal again he questions his mental state and reality itself. A tense conclusion sees Jack finally make a choice and questions whether either reality is really what it appears.


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