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Choosing When by Stuart Price

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Filmmaker:Stuart Price

Genre : Drama

Suffering from MS, an actress's thwarted suicide attempt rekindles her desire for companionship and to do right by the child she gave up at birth.


Prisoners, a play dealing with mental incarceration closes when playwright and lead actress, MARGARET collapses on stage. Suffering from a rampant form of MS, Margaret finds herself sued by the producers when they discover she'd kept her condition hidden.

Forced to sell her home, Margaret retreats to a rural property overlooking a lake. Following a visit from cast members of Prisoners; Daniel and Daisy - an unknown actress Margaret plucked from obscurity. Alone and depressed, Margaret's subsequent suicide attempt is foiled by local vet John. Days later, Margaret finds herself in the company of John's 17 year-old daughter, Rachel, and together, they observe John perform the mercy killing of a horse.
Margaret collapses and is helped by Rachel. To show her appreciation, Margaret agrees to help the local amateur dramatic society, of which Rachel is a member, by allowing them to perform Prisoners.
When Rachel asks who are the prisoners, Margaret replies everyone, but in the context of the play, the lead characters - a mother and her estranged daughter.
Margaret invites Rachel and John to dinner, along with the visiting Daisy. However, a heated exchange sees John storm out with Rachel in tow.
However, as Margaret and John reconcile their differences, Margaret's condition deteriorates. And suspicious of his motives, she agrees to take their relationship to the next level provided he will not stand in her way when the time comes for her to choose between an increasingly dependent existence, or a dignified death.
The opening night of Prisoners arrives, during which Daisy challenges Margaret over the play's true meaning. A distraught Daisy runs from the village hall, followed by Margaret.
When John eventually finds Margaret, she begs of him 'a butterfly should not be asked to return to the cocoon'.
John reluctantly agrees to abide by his promise, and carries Margaret out into the middle of the lake.


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