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THE LOOTER by lisa scott

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Filmmaker:lisa scott

Genre : Drama


As a wildfire roars down on an evacuated affluent community, an apparent looter breaks into a home and discovers a bed-ridden old man still inside.


As raging wildfires break out all over Southern California thousands of residents in an affluent community flee their homes. An apparent looter takes advantage of the situation and breaks into a mountainside home. RJ isn’t fearing the heat as he just hit the jackpot with a pile of loot and a fancy SUV. But when roadblocks and looter patrols keep him from escaping he returns to the house to lay low until the coast is clear.

Then he makes a freaky discovery. A bed-ridden old man left alone by his family to perish is still inside the house. Suffering from dementia, Raymond has no idea that an evacuation has occurred and assumes that RJ is his hired nurse. RJ has several choices. He could kill the old man, take the loot and run, contact the authorities and risk getting caught, or take care of Raymond himself.

But what seems to be a chance meeting is really a sinister plan for murder and money. A plan that ultimately turns on itself when… in a moment of clarity, old man Raymond makes a new deal with the looter.


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The Cohen Brothers

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

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