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Safe Haven by Jay & Karyn Milner

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Filmmaker:Jay & Karyn Milner

Genre : Action

Writer:Jay G. Milner
Karyn L. Milner

An American art appraiser is quickly drawn into a murderous treasure hunt for billions of dollars worth of stolen WW2 masterpieces.


An innocent man fleeing for his life…caught in a web of lies, duplicity and murder!

A beautiful young woman his only ally, the only person on earth who believes in him!

Caught together in a deadly game of cat and mouse that races across the landscape of present day Germany…from the dark, twisting alleyways of Berlin…through the crowded, urban streets of Munich…over the hills and valleys of the Black Forest!

Every step taking them closer to the truth of Safe Haven…closer to a vast fortune in hidden Nazi loot…deeper and deeper into a terrible labyrinth where nothing is what it appears to be and enemies lurk at every corner!

Safe Haven tells the story of Daniel Grant, an American art appraiser and former Iraqi War vet, who is hired to authenticate and value half a dozen priceless paintings in Berlin.

Upon arrival in the city, he is warned by a local investigative reporter that his life is in danger. The reporter is brutally murdered in front of Grant, barely able to mumble the words “paintings and Safe Haven” before he dies.

Searching for the truth on his own, Grant seeks out Katja Pierce, the investigative reporter’s former girlfriend, to help him unravel the mystery, which traces back to the Nazis and World War II.

Teaming with the feisty and tenacious Katja, Grant embarks on a treacherous quest that leads to the remote Black Forest, where the secret of Safe Haven has been hidden away for over half a century.

Relentlessly pursued by ruthless assassins and charged with a murder he didn’t commit, Grant becomes immersed in an underground world of brutal violence, black market art trading and international intrigue.

Devious plot twists, harrowing chases and narrow escapes ensue as the young couple race to discover the shocking truth that is Safe Haven!


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