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Ashes on Delivery by Lynnora Belcher

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Filmmaker:Lynnora Belcher

Genre : Comedy

A cynical LA executive has a week to deliver her husband’s ashes and his unemployed daughter to his ex-con son in Canada.


MERYL, a cynical executive is up for a VP position. Her life is orderly, predictable until her husband dies and BECKY, his unemployed, know-it-all daughter, arrives for the funeral. The will specifies Meryl take half the ashes to his son, an ex-con in Canada. Refusing to miss work, Meryl makes airline reservations, but Becky doesn’t fly and refuses to drive. Afraid she’s going to be stuck with her, Meryl takes a week off; plans to be back for the VP interview.

They take off in Meryl’s new Bentley with Becky in the back guarding the urn. They argue about everything. Becky offers a friend, Ryan, a lift. Meryl refuses, so some Bad Asses do it. Later, Meryl and Becky find Ryan robbed and beaten. Feeling responsible, Meryl takes him to the hospital; then files a police report. Anxious to make up time, Meryl refuses to stop for dinner, so Becky goes to the bar where Ryan has a job. Meryl follows; ends up drinking shots, singing and riding the mechanical bull.
Unfortunately the Bad Asses arrive, spot the Bentley. They steal the urn; thinking it’s full of drugs. Meryl and Becky give chase. The Bad Asses ram the Bentley into a brick wall; take off before the cops arrive. Meryl’s arrogance gets her arrested and the Bentley towed. Becky uses her smarts to get them released, but Meryl has run out of time. She plans to return to LA, but overhears Becky and Ryan making love and later discussing what her father saw in such a cold, controlling woman. Meryl has a change of heart. They steal the ashes back. They finally arrive in Canada where they reveal secrets that have defined them. Meryl takes Becky and the ashes to the brother; then returns to LA.

Meryl takes the promotion; then realizes the job doesn’t fill the void. She heads to Becky’s in a new Hummer. Meanwhile, Becky’s brother kicks her out, so she takes a job bartending. When she asks to train as a manager, the owner wants sex in return. Realizing her future looks bleak; she decides to improve her career choices. She heads back to Ryan’s. Meryl stops, drawn by the memory of fun at the bar. They reunite. Meryl considers investing in the bar business.


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