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Hitboy by TW hague

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Filmmaker:TW hague

Genre : Action

Writer:TW Hague

The worlds greatest angel-faced killer finds himself seeking redemption while shadowing his next target at an exclusive boys school.


How can the fresh-faced boy who looks like he’s barely out of grade school (but in reality is much older) be one of the world’s most ruthless and efficient killers?

Because he was made to be.

Whether it’s taking out an entire passenger-laden aircraft at 25,000 feet to get a mob boss or making an ice patch on a cold winter road to create a single fatality car “accident”, Hitboy gets the job done every time. Trained in combat, subterfuge, weapons and tactics since birth, he is a killing machine with no conscience or morals.

When his next mission sends him to a high security academy for the children of the worlds rich and powerful, the individual created by an isolated existence begins to see a different world; kids his own age, instructors interested in something other than efficiency ratings, and new concepts like good, evil, and heroes.

First winning the respect of the “picked on” kids (long at the mercy of schools resident gang of bullies, “Force Five”), he goes on to garner the admiration of his teachers for his leadership and intelligence. So when the order comes to eliminate his target, he hesitates; and when the young teacher he’s come to admire tells him the “medicine” he’s been taking all his life isn’t for a disease, it’s to keep him small, he refuses to follow orders.

His action draws an immediate reaction from the organization that raised him; it sends it’s best, an ARMY of killers to the academy to finish the job, and Hitboy.

Through fights and battles that employ the best of his skills and ordinary items found in the school, Hitboy can and will defeat the forces allayed against him. In the end, will he conquer who and what he is, saving his very soul?


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