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These are the people who competed to have their face on our billboard in Times Square.

Name: Lindsay

About Me:

An actress, a singer, a dancer and a poet. A hopeless romantic, a loyal friend and wiley spirit. I strive to be creative, youthful and happy. Art is

Why I Should Win:

There is something wonderfully fascinating about having your face and name in Time Square. As a child I had always dreamed of living in New York, and working on Broadway. And although my path has not yet led me to that particular concrete jungle, I still have a hidden longing to walk those streets at dusk, sample the fare and get lost in the crowd, knowing that with each step I take I would be closer to fulfilling part of a dream. I feel like I have the spirit of the city in my soul. It feels like a home I have never known, but to which, one day, I will return. So, having my picture in Time Square may not be belting it out Patti LuPone style on Broadway, but it feels like a tiny step to a possibly bigger dream. So, the question is not "Why" I should Win, but rather, is another question and an answer within itself...Why Not?!?

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written by wray124 , June 08, 2010
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