In today's content overloaded world, the industry process is becoming more and more difficult...

...especially when you don't have the extensive GLOBAL NETWORK of contacts in the industry that we've built up over the past few decades. Learn more about us...

You need to start by evaluating your project, finding what's missing or needs improvement in terms of marketing it and then learn how you can be an expert at pitching it.

We had our project done and ready to go ... or so we thought. So much of the real work happens after the script is done. That's where Lauren and Robert come in. They take care of it all and made life so much easier for my entire team.

Here are a few ways you can get started with us.

For one-on-one coaching, please go here to apply.

MovieHatch Pitch Feedback Session

A 60-75 minute live Skype Pitching Session with advice on how to improve your pitch. You'll have the floor with our full attention to get immediate, constructive feedback!

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17 Things To Avoid Saying in a Pitch

You finally have the meeting you've been waiting for. Will you walk away victorious? Don't blow it by by saying any of these things! An hour-long video tutorial and PDF.

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MovieHatch: Checklists for Pitching

Reduce your overwhelm by using checklists. 4 categories: PR, Sales & Marketing, Film Festivals and General. Only $37 for 12 lists with over 250 items and room for notes.


You've worked hard on your project...

Why isn't anyone responding to your pitch?

Get started with a free cheatsheet of pitch meeting guidelines that can help you!

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Media & Network Placement


Sponsorship & Advertising

We help find a home for your projects.

And we do it globally...

We help find a production company

and a team to get your project made

When your tv show needs sponsors or advertisers, we know who to call

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