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We've both had exciting careers and have worked with some amazing people, brands and projects.

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I believe we all have the ability to accomplish a lot more than we think we can

I believe everyone deserves a chance

I believe in common courtesy and decency in human interaction and when we slip up, to say "I'm sorry" and mean it 

I believe we all slip up sometimes, what matters is how we handle it 

I believe in the magic of butterflies and ladybugs 

But I also believe in sex & drugs & rock'n roll 

Most of all 

I believe we can all fly....

no matter how many times our wings get clipped 

A friend once likened me to a bag of bouncing marbles... at the time, I didn't take it as a positive but now I do (although I still don't know how she intended it!).  My interpretation is that I have TONS of ideas, TONS of energy and have TONS of directions I can work in. 

My background shows that my definition remains true. I've been a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, a consultant and an advertising agency maniac. It's hard to explain my background in a few sentences... so I won't! 

Instead, look at the logos on the Media/Clients page and check out a few of my more notable accomplishments... 

  • Worldwide Director of Advertising and Consumer Communications for PepsiCo
  • Accountable for over $250 million in production budgets that supported $1billion in advertising spending
  • Produced, wrote or directed dozens of projects, including a series of over 50 interviews with Hollywood's top talent - agents, producers, managers, and actors: Academy Award winners
  • Award winning screenwriter from top film festivals 
  •  Helped pioneer product placement in the film industry (including movies such as "Back To The Future", "Rain Man" and more)
  • Handled advertising for over 15 brands (Frito-Lay Snacks) in over 40 countries
  • Have traveled to over 70 countries (woohoo!)
  • Created one of the first crowdsourcing websites for the entertainment industry
  • Featured on CNN for the creation of an interactive program for the wedding industry
  • Ran and helped raise millions in funding for startups, from consumer products/e-commerce to artificial intelligence software
  • While housebound with mold toxicity/Lyme disease, I became a silversmith and have my own jewelry line
  • I founded MovieHatch to help people that don't have access to Hollywood or are too nervous or too unsure of how to approach it

I believe we all need to spend time on deserted beaches with calm & peaceful blue water

I believe most of us don't do that enough

I believe in going to as many movies as I can with my son and

eating as much dim sum with my daughter on a Sunday morning

Today is the oldest you've ever been 

and the youngest you will ever be

I believe the poetry of Bernie Taupin's words and the music of Elton John have defined the majority of my life

If Lauren is a bag of bouncing marbles... I'm a bag of space balls that bounce 100 feet in the air with the slightest of exertion!  I've always loved being in sales and feed off the energy and challenge of overcoming a 'no' from people.

Music has been one of my mainstays in life. It's taken me through many a rough experience and helps trigger my creative gene. I was a disco DJ during college at Boston University. It's not where my love for the words of Elton John music began, but it sure did feed it.

I've been lucky enough to work in large companies as well as small ones. Its great that I can call many of my work colleagues my friends.  Here's some of my big stuff... 

  • Youngest executive to become a Vice President at Katz Communications
  • Created and developed the first shopping network in Eastern Europe when the wall came down
  • Have had over 4,000 hours of annual television airing around the world
  • Helped create "Poker After Dark", one of the longest running, most successful game shows in the world
  • Started my own advertising agency and took it public
  • Worked in over 20 countries and generated over $60 million in annual revenue for 10+ years
  • Have had over 17 series running globally
  • Signed deals with over 50 networks around the world and worked in all corners of the world
  • Worked at Disney and was VP National Sales for their broadcast division
  • Have been a producer, a writer, a distributor and a syndicator for ... a lot of years!
  • Love working with young, emerging talent to help give back

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